No Remedial School for Zan

Zan and her mother

Dear Marj


I would like to thank you and your teachers for a job well done. I was told that my daughter would never make it in a mainstream school and that she had to be transferred to a remedial school.


With the grace of God, when I didn’t know what to do or where to go, I saw Edublox on the Internet. I knew from that moment on that God was on my side. I had hope.


It’s been six months since Zan joined Edublox and already she is one of the top performers in her class. She is getting 6’s and 7’s and she is in mainstream school.


Thank you so much.


Zan’s Mom
South Africa


Independent assessment, November 2012:

Zan is 4 to 17 months behind in the areas that were assessed.



Independent assessments, August and November 2013:

And look at her now… A full year ahead in some areas.


Zan’s year-end report, 2012:

Zan scores mostly 3’s, and even a few 2’s on her report, which is not satisfactory.


7. Outstanding achievement – 80 – 100% 
6. Meritorious achievement – 70 – 79% 
5. Substantial achievement – 60 – 69% 
4. Adequate achievement – 50 – 59% 
3. Moderate achievement – 40 – 49% 
2. Elementary achievement – 30 – 39% 
1. Not achieved - 0–29%


Zan’s year-end report, 2013:

Zan scores 6’s and 7’s!




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Zan’s Mom, South Africa